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Chart Data

Chapter 4: Australia without carbon pricing

Charts xlsx
Chart 4.1: Australian real GNI per person 16KB
Chart 4.2: Real GNI growth by source, 1970 to 2010 and 2010 to 2050 14KB
Chart 4.3: Terms of trade 23KB
Chart 4.4: Australian emissions 27KB
Chart 4.5: Share of cumulative emissions 2009-10 to 2050 20KB
Chart 4.6: Consumption, investment and export shares of nominal GDP 63KB
Chart 4.7: Energy commodity prices 16KB
Chart 4.8: Nominal value added shares 16KB
Chart 4.9: Goods processing industries 28KB
Chart 4.10: Cumulative shares of emissions and employment by industry 2009-10 20KB
Chart 4.11: Electricity generation (sent out) 25KB
Chart 4.12: Average annual growth in generation 20KB
Chart 4.13: Generation fuel mix 28KB
Chart 4.14: Renewable technology generation 24KB
Chart 4.15: Emissions by energy source 21KB
Chart 4.16: Wholesale electricity prices 21KB
Chart 4.17: Growth in real household electricity prices 12KB
Chart 4.18: Household electricity prices 19KB
Chart 4.19: Transport activity and emissions 16KB
Chart 4.20: Road transport fuel mix 16KB
Chart 4.21: Road transport technology mix 15KB
Chart 4.22: Cumulative abatement from the CFI 20KB
Chart 4.23: Aggregate household spending, 2012-13 21KB
Chart 4.24: Median spending on energy as a percentage of all spending by equivalised disposable income quintile in 2012-13 12KB
Chart 4.25: Median spending on energy as a percentage of all spending by household size 2012-13 13KB