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Chapter 3: Global climate change mitigation

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Chart 3.1: Regional contribution to mitigation action 21KB
Chart 3.2: Global emission allocations 25KB
Chart 3.3: Global mitigation by gas 29KB
Chart 3.4: Global carbon prices 25KB
Chart 3.5: International carbon prices 69KB
Chart 3.6: Global emissions and gross world product 32KB
Chart 3.7: Global emission intensity of gross world product 37KB
Chart 3.8: Costs of delayed global action 19KB
Chart 3.9: Sectoral Output 25KB
Chart 3.10: Global emission mitigation by sector - medium global action 29KB
Chart 3.11: Global emission mitigation by sector - ambitious global action 30KB
Chart 3.12: Global emission intensity of electricity generation 23KB
Chart 3.13: Global electricity sector technology shares 30KB
Chart 3.14: Renewable electricity generation shares 21KB
Chart 3.15: Global transport technology shares 23KB